IOS Developer (Early-stage employee/co-founder)

Noctus 发布于 4周前

What You Will Do in the Near Future

1.Develop IOS application (Swift 4 required)

2.Technology strategy development for the company

3.Team & project management

4.Testing & QA

5.Any related/challenging work in a very young team

What We Expect

1.Leadership, entrepreneurship, ownership

2.Be determined to exchange over $1B value and global impact with your 5-10 years' time and potential opportunities

3.Have a sense of justice and never be evil

4.A good team player, a good listener, and a good learner

5.Be passionate about the intangible asset and agree with our values

6.Can accept limited compensation and poor work-life balance before Series A

7.Aim to be more than a full stack geek

8.Ambitious to build a better world

9.At least 20 hours commitment per week (if you don't locate in the SF Bay Area)

What We Don't Expect

1.You are overwhelmingly experienced/talented

2.You are an MBA/PhD

3.You are full-stack at the beginning

What You May Get 1.Be an early employee/co-founder of a future unicorn

2.Global network with outstanding people

3.Be a global citizen with high impact to develop global society

4.Rock beyond the industry and explore cross-boundary opportunities

5.Lots of money, amazing friends, and precious memories

6.Real impact not just on yourself, but on your fiends, your family, a better world, a better future

To apply, please send your resume to Thanks.

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