[JavaScript] Job opportunity for a passionate programmer

mvila 发布于 2014年10月23日
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[Very sorry to post in English, I just start learning Chinese]

Hi there,

I’m a french guy passionate about computer and new technologies with more than 20 years of experience in software development (yes, I started very young!).

Recently installed in China, I co-founded a company in Chongqing (http://kinda.io) and I am looking for a JavaScript developer ready to join the adventure (in our offices or remotely). If the salary is not very high at the beginning (5k-8k/month), we can guarantee an exciting work, excellent training and great opportunities (salary increase every 6 months and shares after 2-3 years).

The projects we work on are ambitious, interesting and we are constantly looking for the coolest technologies: NodeJS, Koa (forget callbacks and promises and use ES6 generators), NoSQL databases, React, Cordova…

The job offer is here : http://kinda.io/cn/jobs-javascript-engineer.html.

We love what we do and we're looking for someone who can get excited with us. If this sounds like you, please send a little about yourself and your resume (in English please) to jobs#kinda.io.


thankwsx 回复于 2014年10月23日

the software about what u are making is a question. I am afraid u can only employ a junior at first.U'd better not employ a free time man.

good luck!

tinyfool 回复于 2014年10月23日

Why did you start a startup in Chongqing?

ipoolo 回复于 2014年10月23日

Why did you start a startup in Chongqing?curiously

千厮门 回复于 2014年10月23日


imfine 回复于 2014年10月23日

In Chongqing, not so much nodejs developer

mvila 回复于 2014年10月23日

@tinyfool @ipoolo @imfine My chinese partner lives in Chongqing and I think it's not a bad place to start a business. Our offices are in Beibei district, a very quiet and green location. I realize that IT is not yet well developed, but the city is growing rapidly and working remotely is not an issue.

tinyfool 回复于 2014年10月23日

6楼 @mvila :)

Great, wish your startup will success.

ryanivanka 回复于 2014年10月23日

Bebei is a very quiet place and has so many pretty girls, thanks to the university there.

I don't find any info on your website about what the project really is. Could you share more details?

mvila 回复于 2014年10月23日

8楼 @ryanivanka We work in two fields: mobile control system and long term cloud storage. I wish I could say more but the development has just begun. If you want more details, send me your phone number at jobs#kinda.io, I will call you.

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