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[Shanghai]招聘全职前端,后端以及VR 程序猿

LearningLeaders 发布于 2月前

LearningLeaders is a leading speech and debate training organization in 🇨🇳. We focus on providing debate and public speaking training for young learners. As we enter our 5th year, we are aiming higher and bigger. Our next step is to create a VR based platform and two-sided marketplace that link our world-class coaches to learners all over the globe in the long run. If you're interested in joining an inclusive, international, fast-paced growing team as a VR developer, Front-end systems developer or a Back-end developer, check out more details here!


Company: www.learningleaders.com

Location: Line 10 Long Bai Xincun 10号线龙柏新村

Working Time: Flexible 弹性工作制

Benefit 福利:

  1. International health insurance 国际化高端医疗保险
  2. Open Vacation Policy 开放式休假制度(无规定上限)
  3. Gym membership 健身补贴
  4. Language subsidy 语言学习补贴
  5. Learning Stipend 学习津贴
  6. Equity 创业股权
  7. Additional Christmas holiday 额外圣诞假期2周

有意者可以发送英文简历至recruit#learningleaders.com 或者添加微信JL88790359

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