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JPstExtractor 1.0: Outlook PST 文件直接读取解析组件 for Java

sun1991 发布于 2017年08月15日

Outlook PST Java Parser API Library


  • 提供Java API, 像遍历目录文件一样方便地读取Outlook PST, OST文件内容.
  • 抽取邮件正文, 附件, 联系人, 聊天存档, 会议, 语音通信记录, 邮件内嵌存储和便签内容等信息.
  • 支持Outlook 2003-2013 PST, OST文件格式.
  • 支持Outlook 97-2002 PST, OST文件格式.
  • 纯Java实现, 不依赖额外组件. 不需要安装Outlook.
  • 支持Java 1.6+


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JPstExtractor 1.0: Outlook PST File Parser for Java


  • Java API to read and parse Outlook PST, OST file just like walk through directory & file system.
  • Extract mail body, attachments, contact, conversation, meeting, voice call log, document storage and sticky note.
  • Compatible with Outlook 2003-2013 PST, OST file format.
  • Compatible with Outlook 97-2002 PST, OST file format.
  • Pure Java implementation, no other dependency required. No need to install Outlook.
  • Java 1.6+


Contact & Support

  • NetPstExtractor#163.com
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