Can i ~~say~~ speak english here?

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Hi,everybody, i had watch a program on the Tencent Video which name is 《How to learn any foreign language in six month》, i think it's helpful for my english study, so i share it at here:

How to learn any foreign language in six month

I have not write&--say-- speak english for long time, all above may have many mistakes, but if you can know even a little about my mean, i will very happy!!!!

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月10日

Great, welcome

Wooky 回复于 2014年06月10日

Thanks for the sharing . You should actually use "speak English" or "type in English" not "say English " no big deal but I care.

khaos 回复于 2014年06月10日

No offense but, just try to use an environment that help you check your spells please. I have no idea why you would use "happy" as a verb and a "very" before it...

sixer 回复于 2014年06月10日

1楼 @tinyfool Thank you for your reply!

sixer 回复于 2014年06月10日

2楼 @Wooky Thank you, i will modify it at once!

sixer 回复于 2014年06月11日

3楼 @khaos here,i use "happy" as an adjective word here, dose it right?

Wooky 回复于 2014年06月11日

6楼 @sixer ok. I understand every thing you want to express and you should keep doing like this . I'v watched the video you shared.And If you do not mind, I want to help you to correct some grammar mistake in your post. Please give me confirm replay, so I may help you

elgs 回复于 2014年06月11日

Generally it is not a problem for people to understand what you were saying. However, if you want to build your character in a positive way, or if you want to gain more trust from your audience, you might want to say it in a more grammatically correct form. That might be like this:

Hi, everybody, I have watched a program on the Tencent Video which name is "How to learn any foreign language in six month". I think it's helpful for my English study, so I('d like to) share it at here:

How to learn any foreign language in six month

I have not written or spoken in English for long time, so all above may have many mistakes, but if you can know even a little about what I mean, i will be very happy.

Please note:
1. there is no space between the end of a clause and the tailing punctuation, and there is always a space between a punctuation and the starting of the next clause.
2. when a comma is used to separate two clauses, a conjunctive word should be in place to separate the clauses, otherwise use period as opposed to comma.

These are my two cents. :)

小坏Eric 回复于 2014年06月11日

lol~ that is great~ you are awsome~

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

8楼 @elgs

2楼 @Wooky

3楼 @khaos

I don't think correcting grammar problem is a better way to create a active friendly English learning environment. Because I think learning must from a lot of true communicate with fully information, when I talk with any foreigner, they never correct me, but when we have a real talk I can learn more from them, than just be corrected some error.

But when you use English with Chinese, talk about alway the grammar, is so boring, so I don't like use English with Chinese.

I am not saying right grammar is useless, but when I say something not perfect, you just say something with "right grammar", I can learn from that.

sixer 回复于 2014年06月11日

7楼 @Wooky Thanks,i need your kind of help and you will be appreciated for your reply.^ ^

khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

6楼 @sixer Well, basically an adjective needs a link verb, and "will" is not a link verb.

10楼 @tinyfool I would say your example includes a fact that, "you know what is correct and/or you know what you need to learn". That requires a good knowledge of the language, or a good knowledge of "learning", which, I don't think every one owns.

I was in Japan for my undergraduate life and the Japanese are very sensitive to the correctness of what I speak. So, your experience makes you think what you think, and so does mine.

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

12楼 @khaos

First,I want learn some English about real world, but look what are way talk about "English about how to learn English."

And I think what is correct is very easy, Like I talk something with you, you can say some word I may know but can not use in my words, or, you are a native English speaker, or you live in English speaking country, and so on.

I have talk a lot with some native English speaker, every time they never correct my grammar, and I get a lot of information, because I never been stopped. And I think I learn a lot of new words.

khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

13楼 @tinyfool

First, I would rather say, we are not talking about "English about how to learn English", but "whether correcting English in communications is necessary". And you are giving examples in "real-time communications" or maybe also in some "low-delay communications". But I have to say it does not completely match the situation here.

Second, I have an opposite idea from yours. Knowing what is correct is not easy. There are differences between oral English and formal writing English. For people who has less knowledge that would be confusing when they are facing cases such like "There ain't nobody" and "There isn't anybody". People who are not familiar with the basic rules can hardly tell right from wrong all by instinct.

Third, I agree that in communications information is much important than the form it is bonded in. But that is in real-time communications, and maybe also in some low-delay communications. However we are in a BBS using typed words. We are capable to write formal English instead of the informal one. Precise descriptions are much helpful than a few words or tags. Just like in the second paragraph in your reply, you spells well, but when your words come to the "or" and latter, I have to guess what is your key point and the relations between the words and the point. That may cause misunderstandings and mistakes in communications that we might have avoided by using more precise and formal words.

So, in communications like here, the correction is compulsory? No. Necessary? I'd say Yes.

khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

13楼 @tinyfool

Only to make it clear: I am not a native speaker, nor living in an English speaking environment. I have never been to any English speaking country (except a 5-day trip to Bali, Indonesia). And when I was in Japan, I spoke Japanese and took lectures in Japanese. And now I'm living in Shenyang, Liaoning.

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

14楼 @khaos

  1. I have some letter with native speaker and when I answer some question at quora or Stackoverflow, they still never correct my grammar either.
  2. I know you at not a native speaker, nor living in an English speaking environment, you was in Japan, because you already say that at 12 floor.
  3. I would rather listen you talk about Japan, or some coding stuff than listen you talk about "whether correcting English in communications is necessary".
Edision 回复于 2014年06月11日


khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

16楼 @tinyfool

  1. They don't correct you != it is not necessary to correct you.
  2. Then I made a mistake.
  3. You replied me first and discussed it instead of saying "stop discussing this kind of stuff". And here you are. That makes no sense.
tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

18楼 @khaos

  1. I just tell you I can learn from them more than you, because they never correct me, so we can have real communicate. So I learned. So from my point way, correct me is not necessary.
  2. I replied you just tell you, I think correct is not necessary, and not useful, and I still say that, never change.
khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

19楼 @tinyfool

"So, your experience makes you think what you think, and so does mine."

elgs 回复于 2014年06月11日

13楼 @tinyfool Yes, they don't correct you, but they know what is right and what is wrong. Generally I don't trust those who use incorrect language in a formal context.

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

21楼 @elgs the or they?

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

20楼 @khaos I never argue this.

elgs 回复于 2014年06月11日

12楼 @khaos I agreed with @khaos, I think it is these tiny things that make Japanese products different. I'm such an obsessive person who cares not only about the punctuation, but also the white spaces.

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

20楼 @khaos And I never assume what situation you in but you repeatedly assume me.

elgs 回复于 2014年06月11日

22楼 @tinyfool they, thanks for correcting me.

khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

25楼 @tinyfool

And I said I made a mistake.

23楼 @tinyfool

You never argue this directly, but when you continued to defense your point, that make a claim:"I don't agree with you." And yet you would not admit it, would you?

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月11日

27楼 @khaos I don't need defense my point, and i have no intention to persuade you.

But I think you keeping assume my situation, I just want to tell you my real situation.

Please notice I keep saying "I think", it is means this point just my person opinion.

khaos 回复于 2014年06月11日

28楼 @tinyfool

Please notice I keep "assuming" your situation by "assuming" what the guys you talked to think, not what you think.

And also please notice I am not saying "you need to", but saying "to me, what you have done seems like".

Finally, let's close this case since you think personal opinions are not worth discussions in this way and I agree on it.

Wooky 回复于 2014年06月11日

11楼 @sixer @elgs just did what I want to do and is much more better than what I am going to do,please follow his instructions ,you will gain lots from them. I agree with elgs that grammar is important . Tiny fool said grammar will be no helpful for creat a better environment for English learning and acquiring information , it is no true . Because a rule will help each other reduce the misunderstanding,it is of cause help people to get more information but you can still and you should keep speaking and writing in English ,it will help you a lot .and people like

elgs 回复于 2014年06月11日

@tinyfool, any chance to make it to support markdown, though ourcoders is already very awesome.

sebastianv 回复于 2014年06月12日

LOL the argument looks better in english even it is quite a big one, would love to see arguments taken this way.

And im a hundred percent agree with @tinyfool , grammar is a way to deliver communication, not the goal

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月12日

31楼 @elgs but we do support MarkDown, and we have a MarkDown editor.

TaxNet 回复于 2014年06月12日


tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月12日

34楼 @TaxNet delete, and try again will hurt you account, believe or not?

TaxNet 回复于 2014年06月12日

35楼 @tinyfool sorry~just a test.

Delbert 回复于 2014年06月13日

3楼 @khaos And the letter I and E(nglish) in lowercase...

chinalyl 回复于 2014年06月13日

wo ca,ni men shuo de dou shi xie shen me?niao yu?Just for joking~lol~

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月13日

38楼 @chinalyl delete, and try again will hurt you account, believe or not?

chinalyl 回复于 2014年06月14日

39楼 @tinyfool I think you misunderstand me,I just want to add more fun.It doesn't mean making fun of you.If you like,you may say sorry to me~

tinyfool 回复于 2014年06月14日

40楼 @chinalyl your problem isn't joking with me, and I never even think about It. Your problem is disturbing this discussion.

chinalyl 回复于 2014年06月14日

41楼 @tinyfool oh,veeeeeery sorry~never do the same~

hiapad 回复于 2015年02月01日

@sixer oh i found you

pjmbox 回复于 2015年02月01日

43楼 @hiapad oh dear, you dug a so deep trap.

hiapad 回复于 2015年02月01日

44楼 @pjmbox i am making a learning note of How to learn any foreign language in six month ;-)

hawkcn_zhang 回复于 2015年02月11日

great , i can understand you wirte!

bearzk 回复于 2015年02月12日

as long as I can understand or be understood, I don't mind some small mistakes. important is the information within our words :)

machinemxy 回复于 2015年02月12日

Well I just watched the upper floors. I lived in Japan for a year nobody corrected my word mistakes. They just gave me hint when I forgot the word I want to express. And I also think that gramma is not so important. It might be helpful for a language students but for most of us, we just use language to discuss and get the information we want. How to express your opinion clearly is definitely important than perfect gramma.


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