New Year's resolution for 2016

圣殿骑士 发布于 2015年12月31日 | 更新于 2016年01月01日

A New Year's resolution is a traditional for me to celebrate a new beginning. For the past year, I have finished all the items except one but I think I tried my best. And for the coming year, I hope I can finish them all:

  • Improve career, perform better at current job and Contribute more for all the related projects.
  • Close the gaps and to be more professional.
  • Continue architecting and developing more platforms and applications.
  • Continue writing technical books.
  • Continue writing technical blogs and knowledge sharing.
  • Continue reading more books but not only technical ones.
  • Combine hobbies with career more closely.
  • Eat healthier and diet, lose weight and get fit (maybe Tai chi), get more quality sleep.
  • Learn to control emotions, be less stressed but happier.
  • Travel more and see the world.
  • Spend more time with family.
amosji 回复于 2016年01月01日

I think it would be better if your objects are more quantitative. Otherwise, it's really hard to determine whether an object is finished or not.

elgs 回复于 2016年01月01日

1楼 @amosji I like your idea. Let's say to eat fresh vegetables and fruits everyday, to lose10 lbs, and to get 8 hour sleep everyday. Travel to at least ? new places.

圣殿骑士 回复于 2016年01月01日

1楼 @amosji Haha, I have the details but just keep them for myself. tks 4 ur suggestions.

圣殿骑士 回复于 2016年01月01日

2楼 @elgs yes, something like that, last year we did AUS and Fiji, maybe this year US.

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